Functional and healthy hands are essential for nearly every daily activity. If your hand pain or mobility issues are limiting your lifestyle in any way, our all-natural hand pain cream is designed to alleviate and restore wellness from the outside in! Appropriate for both muscular and joint-related discomfort, our multipurpose hand pain cream is the perfect remedy.

Find Relief from Hand Pain

Crafted With Organic Ingredients, Our Formula Effectively Soothes Aching Hands

Just like our arthritis relief cream, our hand pain cream is inspired by Native American healers who mastered the art of all-natural pain relief. Harvested by hand in Northern Michigan, we sustainably gather and prepare the restorative buds of the balsam poplar to create our soothing cream. Paired with other clean organic ingredients like St. John’s Wort, olive oil, and beeswax, the result is a non-greasy, easily absorbed, and unbelievably-effective hand pain cream that provides fast-acting relief.

All Native American remedies at Herbal Lodge are grounded in the principles of sustainable respect for the land and holistically supporting balanced wellness. While providing lasting pain relief is the main goal, we believe that by choosing naturally-harvested and symbiotic plant ingredients, we are promoting wellness beyond temporary relief.

By joining us on our mission to make sustainable and natural wellness accessible for all, you are:

  • Helping us preserve the environment: Every time you purchase sustainable products from our local company, you become a part of the earth-conscious community.
  • Reducing long-term issues associated with artificial products: Using organic and wild-harvested natural products minimizes your exposure to highly processed and questionable chemicals.
  • Improving your quality of life: If hand pain is disrupting your life in any way, we invite you to try our potent hand pain relief products and discover the benefits for yourself. From improved joint mobility to noticeable relief that lasts 5-10x longer than other natural products like arnica, our pain cream is a holistic solution that works.

What Are the Common Causes of Hand Pain?

Due to the varied causes of hand pain and joint disorders, it’s imperative to find solutions that promote recovery and relief for a wider range of conditions. Fortunately, our hand and carpal tunnel cream can help you if your hand pain is caused by:

  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Traumatic injuries from an accident or surgery
  • Nervous-system disorders
  • Muscle strain and repetitive overuse injuries
  • Infections such as cellulitis
  • Cysts that limit joint mobility
  • & More

If you can relate to any of these possible causes of hand pain, you may discover that natural remedies are the solution you’ve been searching for all along. While our fast-acting wrist pain cream is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any condition, we stand behind our relieving products with time-tested experience, numerous positive studies, and countless user testimonials supporting its efficacy.

Instructions for Applying Hand Pain Relief Cream

Experience hand pain relief day or night by applying a small portion directly to your aching joints or muscles. Rub the cream into your skin for ~20-30 seconds to promote absorption. After application, allow the product to soak in for ~5 minutes. Avoid washing hands or donning fabrics while the product is absorbing for the best results. You can apply our potent hand pain cream 3-5x daily as needed to maintain the soothing relief.

Find the Best Natural Remedies & Enrich Your Wellbeing Today

Empowering our clients with healthier pain relief alternatives is our passion at Herbal Lodge. When you trust in our products, you receive more than pure quality; you support local business, promote planet sustainability, and benefit from over 1,000 years of Native American wisdom!

To learn more about our wild-harvested ingredients or the rich heritage behind our products, don’t hesitate to contact our herbal experts for recommendations today!

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