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Sometimes pain gets the best of us. Now is the time when we have to dig in, no holding back, we have to fight the pain. To be who you are again, restore yourself with Minagin®.

Native American Natural Remedies

Time Tested Natural Pain Relief

ojibwe flower100% Drug FreeRelieves pain right where it hurts
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Yes It Really Works

Herbal Lodge®, the makers of Minagin®, is a certified Native American company, veteran, and family-owned.

At Herbal Lodge, we take pride in creating high-quality products that are both effective and environmentally friendly. Our company is certified as a Native American owned business, as well as being veteran and family-owned. We believe in using ancient, traditional knowledge combined with modern science to create products that promote overall health and wellbeing.

The History & Significance of Native American Remedies

Herbal Lodge offers a variety of medicinal herbal plants, salves and teas that have been used for centuries by Native American communities. These plants have proven to be highly effective remedies, which is why they have been passed down from generation to generation. Our products are made with care and respect for Mother Earth, using sustainable practices and traditional harvesting methods taught to us by our ancestors. We believe that by living in harmony with nature and honoring its balance, we can also restore balance within ourselves. One of our featured products is a tea for nerve pain made from tamarack bark, a plant known for its healing properties. Experience the power of nature and traditional medicine at Herbal Lodge.

Powerful Pain Relieving Herbal Remedies with Organic / Wild Harvested Ingredients

Herbal Remedies You Need, When You Need It

From salves, teas, tinctures, and more, Herbal Lodge has your remedy.

Find the Right
Herbal Remedy

Answer a couple of quick questions and we'll recommend the right product to help kick pain to the curb.

Here's What Our Customers Think:

Don't Take Our Word For it!

Shawna Shawna

Minagin - Natural Pain Relief Salve I suffer from arthitis and tried many products. Was in Northern Ont and saw this product in a store and bought it to try. This stuff is. Amazing. Almost instant relief. Also used it at work for neck tension worked amazing. Theres no oily residue no strong medicine smell. I swear by this product.

Louis LaMonte Louis LaMonte

Nojmuk - Dry Skin Relief Topical Salve The absolute BEST skin care product . I have suffered from eczema since I was a child. I discovered this product 5 years ago after countless years of settling for using Aquaphor, Eucerin, etc. There is no comparison. This product is undoubtedly superior and I will never use anything else for my skin conditions ever again.

Juli Brown Juli Brown

This product (Minagin - Natural Pain Relief) helped ease pain that wouldn't respond to prescription pain meds!! It is the real deal! I damaged a ligament in my pelvis which caused trochanteric bursitis and it helped SO MUCH!!!! It takes down inflammation so much as well!! My chiropractor found so much inflammation in my si joints. I loaded up on this stuff that night and returned the next day with NO inflammation! Thank you Herbal Lodge!

At Herbal Lodge, we believe that true healing comes from not just treating the body, but also nurturing the mind and spirit. That's why our knowledge library will not only provide herbal remedy strategies for your pain, but also offer guidance on achieving overall wellness through a balanced lifestyle. Our articles will help you find inner peace and harmony, which in turn will help you alleviate pain.

Enter the Herbal Lodge for Natural Pain Management Wisdom


Why Use Natural Remedies?

By choosing all-natural Native American remedies, you benefit from generations of healing wisdom. Before artificial pharmaceuticals and questionable chemicals became the medical standard, plant-based remedies were the key to maintaining a healthy body, mind, and spirit. 

Helping our customers reconnect with the pure and effective power of natural remedies is our vision. Much like our native ancestors applied raw salves and consumed organic plants to achieve holistic wellness, our natural pain relief cream and other remedies honor these same medicinal traditions.

Our all-natural products may be beneficial for: 

  • Joint, nerve, and muscle aches
  • Wounds and skin ailments
  • Anti-inflammatory disease prevention
  • Rich antioxidants and immune system support
  • Digestive and heart health
  • & Many more potential benefits

Restore Holistic Wellness the Natural Way

To explore the uplifting properties of our nerve relief cream and other natural Native American remedies, our herbal guides are you all-in-one resource! If you would like to learn more about our sustainable harvesting practices or need help with an order, we are glad to help!

Our Brand Story

ojibwe floral image

We are a small, family-owned and operated business located in the heart of Ojibwe country. Our mission is to share the traditional wisdom of our ancestors with the world, while also promoting sustainable practices and supporting local communities.

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5% of our profits are used to protect our waters and land restoration.

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