Minagin - Natural Pain Relief Topical Salve / Ointment

$ 27.50


4 oz / 113 g tin 1 oz / 28 g tin 2 oz / 56 g tin

Minagin - Natural Pain Relief Topical Salve / Ointment

$ 27.50


4 oz / 113 g tin 1 oz / 28 g tin 2 oz / 56 g tin
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The Story

When I was a child I remember walking by the rivers in Northern Michigan in the spring time and smelling this amazing sweet smell.

I found out later this smell was from the balsam popular tree. And the tree buds, bark and roots all had amazing pain relief properties!

The medicine was made by my ancestors the Anishinabek (Ojibwe, Chippewa) who were skilled at making legendary medicines that really helped people with their pains.   The pain relief occurs within 10 minutes after applying and can last for several hours (5-10 times longer than arnica)!

Based on a traditional Native American topical pain relief salve from the Great Lakes Area. Minagin (Min-again) means, to rub on in Ojibwe.

Minagin uses 100% all natural wild harvested or organic ingredients. This is a time tested medicine with at least 1,000 years of history.


• Fibromyalgia
• Neck and Joint Pain
• Nerve Damage
• Arthritis
• Headaches
• And More.


I call it the sweet smell of spring because the sweet smell reminds me of the sweet smell found by lakes and rivers in the spring time coming from the budding trees in Northern Michigan! 

No one wants the strong smells of other non natural pain relievers like Icy hot or Ben-gay.  

With Minagin you do not even smell it after it has been applied.

Sizes Available

1 oz, 2 oz and 4 oz tins. The best and oldest natural pain relief herbal treatment in the Americas!

How To Use

Apply daily 3-5 times or as needed generously.  Rub in 20-30 seconds. For sore joints rub around entire joint. Let it soak in (5 min.) before wearing clothes.  For more specific conditions refer to the back of the tin.

All of our products are concentrated, have no medicated smell (non menthol), include a best by date and are long lasting after applying (longer lasting that arnica).

If you are sensitive to aspirin, you should not use Minagin. Concentrated for external use only.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Experience Fast & Effective Relief From Muscle Aches & Pains

The deeply enriching and relieving benefits of the balsam poplar have been a staple of traditional medicine for over 1,000 years. Ideal for muscle pain, joint discomfort, and an array of chronic conditions caused by problems like excessive inflammation, our all-natural Indigenous Indian salve is a testament to the restorative power of nature.

Rooted in the knowledge that sustainable wellness can be achieved through natural remedies, we look to the woods at Herbal Lodge. Our fast-acting Native American Indian salve is exclusively sourced with sustainable wild-harvesting practices, ensuring that every batch of our finest topical ointment provides predictable potency and untarnished purity.

As important as helping our customers find the best alternatives to lasting pain relief, our goal is to improve overall health with products that are safe, accessible, and effective for a greater range of wellness goals. By reducing the source of painful inflammation, lifestyle benefits like restored joint mobility are the result. By supporting vital cellular processes like immune response and free-radical defense, holistic benefits beyond pain relief can emerge.

Even though our topical Minagin ointment and nerve pain relief cream are primarily used for muscle aches and pains, you may be surprised to experience additional benefits after applying our potent pain relief cream!

Our Pain Relief Ointment is Made From Natural Ingredients

We have our wise ancestors to thank for our all-natural Indian salve. Balsam poplar buds are rich in muscle pain-relieving compounds, offering one of the most effective natural analgesics in traditional medicine. And, in honor of our cherished ancestors, honoring the land is integral to our sourcing and production practices.

To create our soothing pain relief cream, we carefully pluck the buds from poplars in Northern Michigan. This meticulous process requires extensive traditional herbal knowledge and absolute care for the trees we harvest from. We are intentional about the sustainability of the herbs or bark we harvest, ensuring that we never damage the trees or ecosystems that enable our sustainable production processes. In many areas, our work has rejuvenated the ecosystem. By walking on the roots, pruning small trees, and other harvesting efforts, we have caused the areas we harvest from to regenerate themselves.

For other included ingredients such as beeswax, we do our best to source all organic ingredients from local partners who share in our sustainable vision. When you choose Herbal Lodge to support your muscle pain relief, you don’t just receive the best natural products; you receive products that are eco-friendly, always pure, and trusted by thousands of our customers around the world.

How is Minagin Pain Topical Ointment Different Than Other Creams?

Our pain relief cream is crafted by Native American remedy experts. We honor our customers with pain and headache cream that we confidently use ourselves and we exclusively use pain relief products that are always natural. No artificial junk, no questionable chemicals, and no fillers; simply wild-harvested, organic goodness that is prepared by experts who care about product consistency and the health of our customers.

By choosing our topical ointment over artificial alternatives, you can improve the initial pain relief experience and reduce long-term issues associated with questionable chemicals. In addition to the numerous anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting benefits associated with our Minagin cream, our all-natural back, shoulder, and wrist pain relief cream is:

  • Safe for every skin type
  • Scent-free after application
  • Non-greasy and rubs in easily
  • Hand-harvested and prepared in the USA
  • Affordable, long-lasting, and delivered fast

Even if you currently use other pain management products or medications, our relieving topical ointment can be paired with other self-care strategies. By choosing our all-natural Indigenous salves, you are choosing simplicity, sustainability, and traditional healing wisdom that stands the test of time!

For additional product information or help with an order, contact our herbal experts for the best service in the world of natural pain relief. We back every order with no-hassle returns, and in-depth product knowledge, and will gladly help you relieve your muscle pain with other symbiotic products to improve your life in any way that we can!

Will usually ship within 1 business day.

Balsam Poplar (Latin: Populus balsamifera, Ojibwe: Maanazaadi) Constituents: Chrysin, terochrysin, salicin, populin and resin.

This is NOT the same ingredient as Balm-of-Gilead. Balsam Popular is far more superior in pain relief than Balm Of Gilead! And it is only sourced by wild harvesting because it is difficult to harvest in the winter.

St. Johns Wort has also been used topically in the treatment of nerve and muscle pain, skin inflammation, skin wounds, and burns.

Beeswax is used for lowering cholesterol and for relieving pain. It is also used for swelling (inflammation). Bees are not chemically treated. 100% pure beeswax.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil We use extra virgin olive oil because it is has smaller molecules and helps our salve penetrate your skin. Extra virgin olive oil, the least processed form of olive oil, has additional antioxidant properties that have a protective effect against heart disease. ... Olive oil contains oleic acid and other phenols that have antioxidant benefits in the body.

Castor Oil is antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal, or that it has been used topically to treat a variety of skin conditions, reduce pain, and stimulate your immune system


  • Alcohol Free
  • Animal by products Free
  • Artificial preservatives Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Fair Trade
  • Gluten Free
  • GMO Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Petroleum & Synthetic Free
  • Synthetic Fragrance Free

Please allow 10 days for your order to arrive.  We wild harvest our own ingredients and source our herbs from organic providers.This means sometimes you have to wait a little longer to get your order but it's always worth it!

Here are 5 more great reasons to buy from us:



You get a full 365 days to return your item to us. If it doesn't work, defective, you've changed your mind or for no reason whatsoever simply send it back to us and we'll cheerfully refund you every cent. 

Returns are easy, simply contact us and let us know of the return items your returning within 7 days of receiving your order. Then send your items to our returns center for fast processing. We'll get you a replacement, refund or exchange and credit you on any first class shipping return you receive.

In the unlikely event that you find your item cheaper at another online store, just let us know and we'll beat the competitor's pricing hands-down.

We insist that you love everything you buy from us. If you're unhappy for any reason whatsoever, just let us know and we'll bend over backwards to make things right again.

Ordering from Herbal Lodge is 100% safe and secure so you can rest easy. Your personal details are never shared, sold or rented to anyone either.



Here are 5 awesome reviews from our customers:



It is the real deal!
“This product (Minagin - Natural Pain Relief) helped ease pain that wouldn't respond to prescription pain meds!! It is the real deal! I damaged a ligament in my pelvis which caused trochanteric bursitis and it helped SO MUCH!!!! It takes down inflammation so much as well!! My chiropractor found so much inflammation in my si joints. I loaded up on this stuff that night and returned the next day with NO inflammation! Thank you Herbal Lodge! ” - Juli Brown  

The Minagin is amazing!
"Beautiful salves harvested from Nature in a sustainable, respectful way. I get instant, long lasting pain relief from the Minagin salve like nothing I have ever tried. It smells wonderful, too. I can not recommend it enough. Thank you for offering these wonderful salves." - Jeannette Johns

There is nothing better for sciatic pain. Nothing
"I started using Minagin when my sciatic nerve started to act up. I tried just about everything over the counter for it and nothing worked. Frustrated and in major pain, I forgot that I had Minagin in my cabinet. Put it on the nerve, and I'm not kidding, 20 minutes later the pain started to subside. 30 minutes later the pain was gone. I'm going on 3 months with this sciatic problem. I don't know what I would do without Minagin. There is nothing better for sciatic pain. Nothing!" - Deidre M Gray

It was amazing.
"When I put it on my very sore neck, I could just hear and feel the bone and muscles crackling and relaxing. It was amazing. I will be using it also on my arthritic hips. Thank you for this great product." - Betty Navoy

I recommend this to anyone with any type of a pain.
"As a result of a response to a prayer request for my Mother I ordered Herbal Lodge Minagin for her severe pain from arthritis and bursitis. This salve is a godsend! I recommend this to anyone with any type of a pain. A little of it goes along way. Before I gave it to Mom I tried it on the pain in my shoulder, I felt immediate relief and the relief lasted for about 6 hours or longer. Needless to say I have ordered more. May always God bless Herbal Lodge." - Brenda Akin-Smith
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