Stiff, sore, and stubborn neck pain issues that come with age, injury, and hard work need a better solution. As one of the most common areas of concern in the realm of musculoskeletal pain, helping you find relief from neck pain is our passion at Herbal Lodge.

Find Relief from Neck Pain

After over 15 years of all-natural remedy crafting, backed by thousands of years of Indigenous Traditional Knowledge, we have helped thousands of customers find relief from their chronic and acute pain and nerve concerns. These positive relief and recovery experiences are the reason we continue to work so hard to produce a better neck pain cream! In honor of the planet, Native American traditions, and every customer we support, every tin of our organic neck pain cream is:

  • Always organic and ethically harvested: Sustainability and respect for the land is at the foundation of every product we offer.
  • Based upon time-tested Native American remedies: Our trusted ingredients have been helping individuals find neck pain relief for over 1,000 years.
  • Free of artificial junk: You won’t find questionable additives, GMOs, preservatives, or other unwanted stuff like parabens in our neck pain cream.
  • Freshly harvested and delivered fast: We only deliver potent cream that was recently prepared and is shelf-stable for 24+ months.

What Makes Our Neck Pain Relief Cream Effective?

The power of nature brings out the best in every dab of our potent cream! Our neck pain cream is filled with anti-inflammatory agents, immune-boosting nutrients, and free-radical-fighting compounds that promote pain relief and cellular wellness in multiple ways.

Depending on the source of your neck pain, the mechanism of neck pain relief with our cream can vary. For instance, if the source of your neck pain is caused by an inflammatory condition, the balsam poplar, beeswax, and St. John’s wort in our neck pain cream can all contribute to a healthier inflammatory response. As tissue inflammation decreases, pressure on the nerves, muscular tension, and mobility limitations can all decrease. As a result, a single application of our potent herbal blend can alleviate pain, soreness, and mobility limitations for many.

For other types of neck pain, such as acute issues caused by infection or injury, our neck pain salve may still be able to help! Our neck and shoulder pain cream contains a spectrum of antioxidants, vitamins/minerals, and multi-beneficial compounds that have been shown to stimulate the immune response. Before accepting your chronic pain as a permanent condition, give our effective cream a try and you may discover a surprising amount of relief!

How To Apply Our Neck Pain Relief Cream

Natural, non-addictive, and safe to use for any skin type, our neck pain cream rubs in smoothly and lasts for hours of tension-melting relief.

Rub a generous portion of the neck pain ointment directly into the desired area for 20-30 seconds. Allow the cream to absorb for 5 minutes; avoid washing the area and avoid contact with clothing or other fabrics while the product absorbs. Reapply as needed – 3-5x daily provides the best relief for stubborn neck pain!

Uplift Your Wellness Routine With Our Collection

All of our fast-acting products come with the same commitment to organic purity and time-tested preparation practices. If you’re hoping to enrich your wellness routine even more, our other vitality-boosting wellness products are the perfect complement!

For detailed product guidance, our herbal experts will gladly help you find the perfect Native American remedies to support your holistic goals. Whether you are hoping to reduce neck pain, find freedom from side effects, or you want to improve your health with cleaner products, respect for your wellness and the planet is our promise with every order.

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