Shipping Questions?

First, if you're looking to see the status of your order, log in.  If you call us, we can only tell you exactly what you are seeing.

At Herbal Lodge, we prioritize quality over quantity. We strive to ship our packages every Friday for all orders placed during the week. However, due to unforeseen delays, we may ask customers to stock up on their favorite products during certain months of the year. These months typically include February-April, June-August, November and December when Mother Earth and unpredictable weather are our true bosses.

We take great pride in handpicking and wild harvesting the ingredients used in our products during warmer months. This means we may run out of stock frequently as demand for our products is high. Although this may result in delays for some customers, they understand that it's these extra efforts that make our products truly exceptional.

Unlike large corporate or Amazon companies, we are a small family and veteran-owned business. We treat each order with care and if there happens to be a delay, we will personally deliver it to you. The best way to reach us is through text at (231) 622-9063. We typically respond within 3 business days, if not sooner. Thank you for being a valued customer of our unique company!


To mail us a check send to our sales office: Herbal Lodge, PO Box 62, Petoskey, MI 49770


Wholesale customers, please email us your order. We will confirm your order within three business days.  If you do not hear from us, please send us a text message: (231) 622-9063.  If we do not call to confirm receipt then assume we did not get the order due to technical difficulties (which are not the norm).

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