Treat your feet to the best of fast-acting relief with our enriching nerve pain cream! Our all-natural foot cream is filled with alleviating compounds, offering a balanced profile of relief that supports muscular, joint, and nerve pain on a deeper level. If you suffer from diabetic nerve pain, fibromyalgia, or any other type of inflammatory or immune-related condition, our wild-harvested remedies can bring freedom to your aching feet.

Find Relief from Foot Pain

Our Minagin Nerve Topical Ointment Treats Common Foot Ailments Including Nerve Pain

Every batch of our organic foot cream is sourced and crafted with intention. In honor of our Native American ancestors, we exclusively wild harvest with respect for the land. Thanks to the time-tested wisdom of traditional healing, we only share organic ingredients that are backed by centuries of safe and effective use. Every time you order a tin of our foot pain cream, you are supporting the health of our forests and the health of your body!

At the heart of Herbal Lodge, our dedication to natural wellness stems from our unbreakable bond with plants and our planet. By sharing our traditional nerve pain remedies with the world, our goal is to help our customers:

  • Find significant pain relief with safe and effective natural alternatives that promote holistic wellness.
  • Spend less on pain management needs; our affordable foot cream is significantly less expensive than many pharmaceuticals and other options like CBD.
  • Live healthier lifestyles with clean ingredients, non-addictive products, and minimal processing. All nerve pain products in our line are organic and contain no artificial junk.

Our Foot Pain Relief Cream is Only Made With Organic Ingredients

Our foot and hand pain relief cream can be traced directly to the wild. We are herbal masters, harvesting the rich poplar buds and tamarack bark by hand in the Northern Michigan forests. Unlike the majority of modern products which are tarnished by artificial chemicals and questionable sources, our commitment to ethical harvesting and unrivaled product purity is our promise.

After adding a tin of our soothing cream to your cart, we encourage you to check out our website’s videos for a glimpse into our sustainable harvesting practices! By traveling the woods on skis, we work hard to minimize our environmental impact. By selectively harvesting our ingredients in smaller batches, we protect native plant species and ensure the preservation of our precious ecosystems. By maintaining these worthwhile traditions and practices, we can provide superior product quality, protect our planet, and improve the lives of every customer we support.

For a detailed breakdown of each ingredient, you can preview our product description or contact our herbal experts directly to explore the numerous benefits associated with poplar bud extract, tamarack bark, and other organic ingredients like beeswax and castor oil.

Apply Daily 3-5 Times & Experience Instant Pain Relief

The moment nerve pain strikes, it only takes about 10-15 minutes for our cream to alleviate your feet! Rub a generous portion of the soothing ointment into the source of your discomfort for 20-30 seconds, then let it absorb for ~5 minutes. Try to avoid washing or coming in contact with fabrics while the cream is absorbing for the best results.

Have pain in other areas besides your feet? Our powerful cream is great for other areas too! Apply our potent formulation on any area of tension for noticeable relief that feels great for hours. In fact, our muscle ache and diabetic nerve pain cream has been shown to provide relief for up to 5-10x longer than proven products like arnica. And, since our best products are safe for every skin type, you can safely reapply the product as often as you need. For the best results, we recommend applying 3-5x each day to keep stubborn aches and discomfort at bay.

Excited to try the best nerve pain cream in the world of natural pain relief? Our Native American herbal experts are your all-in-one resource for diabetic nerve pain, muscle aches, and wellness remedies that support your pain-free and active lifestyle on a deeper level.

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