At Herbal Lodge, our mission is to promote health and wellness through the use of organic, wild harvested, natural and alternative medicine. Our company was founded by a Native American family from a long ancestral line in the history of traditional healing practices and making traditional medicines using traditional practices. We welcome people of all backgrounds to benefit from our products.

One of our most popular products is Minagin, a powerful herbal pain relief salve that has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. It is made from a unique blend of herbs and extracts, carefully selected for their individual healing properties.

Minagin is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and for providing the affected with the ability to improve overall health. The key ingredients in Minagin include Balsam Popular- a tree bud we wild harvest in the winter in a labor-intensive process.  Balsam Popular known for its anti-inflammatory properties. These natural ingredients work together to boost the body's natural defenses and promote overall wellness.

In addition to Minagin, we offer other pain relief products including Minagin Nerve, Our Minagin Nerve product is specially formulated to provide relief for those suffering from nerve-related pain. Our research and development team is constantly working on new products that target specific types of pain, as we did with Minagin - Nerve.

Herbal Lodge also offer a supporting line of teas that are specifically designed to aid in promoting overall health and reducing inflammation.

Not only is our Minagin line effective for different conditions, but it is also environmentally friendly and safe to use. No side effects like popular pharmaceuticals or even over-the-counter products. We take great care in sourcing all of our ingredients sustainably and using eco-friendly packaging materials. This not only benefits the planet, but it also ensures that our products are of the highest quality.

In addition to its health benefits, purchasing Minagin supports a Native American, Veteran and family owned business and helps us to continue our mission of promoting natural and alternative medicine and healing our planet. By choosing Minagin, you are not only taking care of your own health, but also supporting a company that values traditional knowledge, and sustainable practices and promotes the protection and promotion of restoration of Mother Earth.

At Herbal Lodge, we are more than just a pain relief company. We are dedicated to promoting overall health and wellness for our customers. In addition to our high-quality, organic, sustainably wild harvest products, we also offer resources and information on how to live a healthy lifestyle and manage pain effectively.

Thank you for choosing Herbal Lodge and supporting a certified Native American, Veteran, and family owned company. Live well, live naturally with Herbal Lodge!

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