There’s no settling for products that don’t improve your quality of life! If you are dealing with wrist pain, injury, or any other form of discomfort caused by tension or overuse, our organic herbals get to the source of wrist inflammation and soreness.

Find Relief from Wrist Pain

Filled with potent ingredients like balsam poplar extract that’s harvested by hand, our soothing cream is designed to alleviate all forms of wrist pain. If your line of work requires constant lifting, grasping, and other repetitive movements like typing, our rejuvenating ingredients are the perfect solution for constant use. If you have a chronic condition or disease, our all-natural Native American remedies are crafted to alleviate the underlying tension.

Crafted With Pure, Organic Ingredients, Our Formula Provides Targeted Comfort for Sore Wrists

Our wrist pain cream features 100% wild-harvested and organic ingredients. We do not cut corners at Herbal Lodge; our meticulous harvesting, preparation, and customer-first service model includes:

  • Ethical wild-harvesting: Protecting the ecosystems we depend on is crucial. Our bark is sustainably harvested from sucker trees, which are like branches growing off the mother tree. We trim this overgrowth to invigorate regrowth in the tamarack tree orchard we harvest from. We do not overharvest or harm the trees, and we strive to minimize our environmental footprint by managing all harvests by hand.
  • Minimal processing: Without artificial ingredients or additives, it's easy to provide a cleaner final product! We keep it simple with every hand-crafted batch, preparing our soothing salves in ways similar to our Native American ancestors.
  • Integrity every step of the way: Supporting the well-being of others is a responsibility we take seriously. When you trust our herbal experts to reduce your wrist pain, you can look forward to a potent product that contains exactly what is promised on the label.

  • We aim to be a zero-waste company: Not only do we make natural and organic products - we live the lifestyle. We aim to be a zero-waste company and recycle everything we possibly can, which has significantly reduced our carbon footprint.

  • We protect the water and land around us: We actively participate in events protecting our lands and waters around the Mackinaw Straits near the Mackinaw Bridge. Owner Nathan Wright has appeared in documentaries like Troubled Water explaining the significance and importance of Indigenous people and their allies protecting our waters. Nathan is a Standing Rock veteran as well as a United States Marine Veteran. He likes to say, “I used to defend a country, now I defend Mother Earth.”

Every batch of our fast-acting cream naturally outlasts the competition! Our superior wrist pain cream provides hours of noticeable relief, getting to the source of stubborn inflammation and aching muscles in only 10 minutes. Unlike many other topicals that have questionable ingredients and an overpowering smell, our product provides a cleaner kind of relief. Our wrist pain cream features simple organic ingredients and a mild sweet scent that is reminiscent of the forest!

Common Symptoms of Wrist Pain

Our wrist pain and arthritis relief cream is popular for common pains and complex conditions alike. Give our organic ointment a try if you have any of these issues with your wrist:

  • Swelling after performing repetitive tasks or grasping
  • Difficulty performing normal tasks such as typing or bending your wrist
  • Dull aching or sharp stabbing pains
  • Redness, numbness, or tingling
  • Discomfort that disrupts sleep and other daily activities
  • General soreness from everyday use

Fortunately, our wrist pain cream may be able to help you with all of these areas of need! Since wrist pain can be caused by inflammation, joint problems, infection, immune disorders, injury, and many other conditions, our topical cream addresses a broader range of concerns and provides overlapping benefits for many.

How Our Wrist Pain Cream Helps

To alleviate the swelling, mobility limitations, and reduce your painful experience, our potent carpal tunnel cream contains compounds with:

  • Anti-inflammatory compounds like salicin to restore tissue equilibrium
  • Multiple antioxidants with diverse flavonoid profiles to reduce oxidative stress
  • Immune-supporting compounds to promote sustained relief
  • Vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, E, and magnesium to support overall tissue health

While our cream is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, our products are rooted in generations of traditional healing wisdom. We stand behind our products with countless positive user experiences, a wide range of promising studies, and a deep connection with our Native American heritage; there are many good reasons we continue to use our products every day!

Are you excited to experience better relief with the best that Native American remedies have to offer? Our fast-acting cream is delivered fast, affordable, and backed by our no-hassle return policy. If you would like to learn more about our wild-harvested purity or the history behind our all-natural products, our herbal experts are happy to help.

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