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Now available throughout USA and Canada. Including the Smithsonian's American Indian Museum.

What some of our retail customers are saying:

"We put their product(s) in about a year ago and they have done phenomenal"
- Wayne Wilkie owner of Silver Galleon, a Native American merchandise store in Gatlinburg, TN

"The stuff (Herbal Lodge products) is amazing, the customer feedback has been phenomenal. I never had anyone return it, but I have had people praise it and come back for more."
- Todd Fielders, shift leader for Natural Healing Health Foods in Kalamazoo, MI

"Its all about the product holding up to our standards as far as being clean and free of synthetic ingredients. And Herbal Lodge's do that."
- Chelsey Jarvis, health and beauty buyer at Grain Train Natural Food store in Petoskey, MI

We are ready to be your supplier for quality authentic products

Herbal Lodge, is focused on creating a family of nationally branded natural remedy  products that work and  promote the legendary Native American natural remedies way.

Beginning with its popular and 1,000 year old pain relief formula MInagin.  Herbal Lodge provides a category of health and beuaty in the marketplace using a herbs and mushrooms with rare ingredeitns that currently does not exist.

Herbal Lodge Products:

  • Are made from 100% Organic or Wildharvested ingredients
  • Are gluten-free, no GMOs, contain no hormones, no nitrates/nitrites, no soy and no MSG.
  • Are made from ingredients that are sourced from the Great Lakes Areas and we attempt to source our herbs from as many organic Native American Farmers and Tribes as possible. 
  • Are guaranteed shelf-stable for 24 plus months
  • Can be ordered Direct or from distributors. . 

Herbal Lodge products are particularly suitable for retailers specializing in:


  • Hardware and Garden Stores
  • Gift stores
  • Natural Foods
  • Health Foods, Whole Foods, and Natural Health Products
  • Vitamins, General Nutrition, and Family Health 
  • Outdoor Recreation and Gear 

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Casinos or small gift shops

Thanks to Herbal Lodge, you can keep increasing your profit margins. Satisfy your customers who are looking for natural or organic products, Native American themed products, hand crafted and more. Reach at least three different types of customers with our lines of products..

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Raise your revenue without the risk. Herbal Lodge offers a 120-day product exchange program. We’ll even provide FREE standard shipping on all orders over $250 that are shipped within the continental United States (Our Canadian friends receive fr