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Nojmuk Lip Balm $ 10.00
The Story Sometimes licking your lips when it is brutal cold or hot dry arid weather does not cut it. We need some protection. As if a second set of lips to cover and protect what we have. Native Americans of the Great Lakes region would coat their lips with beeswax or bear grease. Offering some protection from the brutal cold winds of the Great lakes region.   We were asked by many of our customers to come up with a great lip balm. So we did using the same ingredients as our Nojmuk skin salve, but specifically formulated for the lips. Nojmuk (No-ja-muk) means, "you all heal" in Ojibwe, which is accurate as it helps maintain and repair many types of skin conditions. We use 20 different herbs while most other lip balms use less than five. Our ingredients are 100% natural. And our lip balm really does work to nourish, protect and bring your lips back to its healthy appearance. Nojmuk lip balm relieves dry, cracked, chapped lips and stops itching on contact. I suggest you try some.  Especially if you have one of these conditions: Maintains • burns • cold sores and feet • cracked lips • chaffing • swelling • And More. Scent Initial earthy scent, soaks into the skin making it odorless. Sizes Available .15 oz. How To Use Apply to your lips, you may feel a tingling sensation which are the herbs going to work to heal or repair your lips..All of our products are concentrated (not like skin lotion which mainly consists of water), have no medicated smell, include a best by date and are long lasting after applying (a little goes a long way). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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