minagin nerve pain topical ointment Minagin Nerve - Natural Pain Relief Topical Salve / Ointment
Minagin Nerve - Natural Pain Relief Topical Salve / Ointment from $ 11.50
The Story Minagin Nerve Pain is a traditional blend of sustainably harvest Balsam popular buds and Tamarack bark. Tamarack is a  well known medicine for reliving nerve damage among the Anishinabek of the Great Lakes region.Minagin Nerve Pain salve is a combination of balsam popular and Tamarack bark. Both were medicines used by Anishinabek (Ojibwe, Chippewa) who were skilled at making legendary medicines that really helped people with their pains. Many studies have been done Tamarack and its effect on the nervous system. Tamarack bark contains antioxidant flavonoids which significant effects on nervous traumas.Based on a traditional Native American topical pain relief salve from the Great Lakes Area. Minagin (Min-again) means, to rub on in Ojibwe.Minagin Nerve uses 100% all natural wild harvested or organic ingredients. This is a time tested medicine with at least 1,000 years of history.The pain relief occurs within 10 minutes after applying and can last for several hours (5-10 times longer than arnica)! Minagin Nerve relieves neuropathy, carpal tunnel, sciatica, shingles and nerve damage. I suggest you try some.  Especially if you have one of these conditions: Maintains Nerve damage shingles sciatica neuropathy diabetic neuropathy carpal tunnel And more. Scent A conifer like smell.  Similar to spruce but more pungent. The smell of the forest! Sizes Available 1 oz, 2 oz and 4 oz tins. How To Use Apply daily 3-5 times or as needed generously. Rub in 20-30 seconds. For sore joints rub around entire joint. Let it soak in (5 min.) before wearing clothes. For more specific conditions refer to the back of the tin.All of our products are concentrated, have no medicated smell (non menthol), include a best by date and are long lasting after applying (longer lasting that arnica).If you are sensitive to aspirin, you should not use Minagin Nerve Pain. Concentrated for external use only.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease Minagin Nerve Topical Ointment is Crafted With Powerful Herbal Ingredients Our soothing topical infusions work on multiple levels for pain relief that lasts. As you can see from our pure and simple ingredient list, each tin of organic cream comes with 100% nature-derived goodness. We are devoted to honoring the time-tested principles of our Native American ancestors, and that revolves around natural neuropathy and pain relief that is untarnished by artificial ingredients and harsh processing. Nature’s herbal remedies are already potent enough! Our Anshinabek traditional healers know this, and we are on a mission to share these effective nerve damage benefits with the world. From pinched nerve injuries to disease-related nerve pain that is seemingly untreatable, our organic pain relief cream is reshaping safe and natural nerve pain relief. Effective at Treating Neuropathy & Other Nerve Issues Hand crafted to support nerve damage, chronic aches, and many other nerve-related concerns, our fast-acting pain relief cream provides symbiotic support for several internal mechanisms. While a topical herbal cream is not intended to treat or cure the underlying condition, our potent neuropathy cream has provided surprising benefits for an array of chronic and acute pain sufferers. For instance, one of our repeat customers who suffered from years of neuropathy finally found relief with our all-natural remedies, helping him reduce pharmaceutical use and enjoy a higher quality of life. Common Causes of Nerve Pain: Diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and autoimmune conditions can damage the nervous system, causing neuropathic pain Injuries ranging from sports accidents to surgical repairs can all lead to associated nerve tissue damage or pinched nerve pain Medications like chemotherapy drugs, HIV medications, and even certain antibiotics can lead to lasting nerve pain Infections such as shingles, Lyme disease, and many other viral/bacterial strains can attack the nervous system Alcoholism can contribute to nervous system disorders and nerve pain Musculoskeletal conditions such as spinal malalignment, herniated discs, and other skeletal structure imbalances can pinch nerves or interfere with normal nerve function Although many of these causes of nerve damage may persist for a lifetime, our soothing herbs can provide real relief. Since many overlapping factors often contribute to neuropathy, we believe that the best remedies are ones that help your body achieve a healthier balance on multiple levels. Renowned as one of the best pain relief creams in natural remedies, try some of our nerve damage creams and experience the positive benefits for yourself! Why Choose Minagin Nerve Topical Ointment? Our nerve pain relief cream provides multi-faceted intracellular benefits. For instances of nerve damage caused by trauma and other factors that cause inflammation, tamarack bark and poplar buds both contain potent compounds that reduce the inflammatory response and stimulate healthier immune function. For other concerns, such as joint pain and sensitivity common with conditions like peripheral neuropathy, our balsam poplar and tamarack bark topicals make targeting specific areas of concern easy. For example, a small pea-sized amount of our best foot cream for diabetic nerve pain works fast to: Modulate the nervous system response, influencing how pain is perceived Reduce inflammation and discomfort with the power of Salicin, a naturally occurring compound that is similar to aspirin Protect the body from free-radical damage with potent antioxidants present in both of our key herbal ingredients Improve the immune function response for reduction of painful nerve symptoms long after application It’s important to note that many of these nerve pain benefits are based upon subjective user experience and limited research. Our pain relief cream is not intended to treat or cure any conditions, but these natural remedies have a long-standing history of effective use in traditional medicine. Our herbal remedies are time-tested and have been used for generations. We are firm believers in the natural healing power of these pure products and stand behind every carefully crafted batch with plants and ingredients that we proudly use every day. Learn More About Our Sustainable & Organic Ointment As your all-in-one resource for the finest Native American ointments, find relief for your pinched nerves and chronic nerve damage. In addition to our rejuvenating nerve ointment, many of our customers also benefit by pairing our rich pain relief creams with our other herbal remedies. Our Indigenous herbalist experts are the go-to resource for factual product information and freshly harvested purity. If you would like to learn more about our earth-friendly practices or the rich history of our Native American remedies, please let us know what we can do to help.
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