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About Monica Cady

Monica Cady, co-founder of Herbal Lodge

Co founder, Monica Cady (Herbalist & naturalist) formulated Babka's Garden (what became Nojmuk) in 2004 as part of her degree plan at Prescott College. Her B.A., degree is in Sustainable Community Development with Indigenous Perspective. Nojmuk (originally called Babka’s Garden salve) was inspired from Babka, her Czech great grandmother who grew Comfrey in her biodiversity rich gardens. Babka's whole yard was a garden.

Monica spent time in her gardens eating gooseberries, mulberries, and watching birds. Her Ojibwe grandfather took her on many nature walks to do bird watching. Nojmuk’s original formulation came from a deep love & appreciation of traditional plant medicines. A Lakota elder taught her that "the spirit of the plant can take away the spirit of the disease." Monica is a member of the Sault Tribe & loves to forage for wild edible in her tribe's 1836 Ceded territory located in Michigan.

In 2011 Monica agreed to buy out offer and left Herbal Lodge moving to pursue other interests.  In 2013 Monica returned to Michigan and worked part time for Herbal Lodge from 2013 until 2019 as an independent contractor. She now spends her time gardening and continues to learn about herbal medicines.  

Although Monica no longer works with Herbal Lodge and Nojmuk has been reformulated, she will always be honored and remembered as the Co-founder of Herbal Lodge and bringing our first salve Nojmuk to Herbal Lodge. We honor her positive contributions and wish here will in her whatever makes her happy.

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