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When I was a kid I use to play in a place called, “the woods” in what is now Rochester Hills MI. We lived near the end of a dirt road (Harrison) it what was a two car garage we turned into a 2 bedroom house. My Mom and Stepdad had room #1 and us kids room #2 (bunk beds for the boys). Humble beginnings, taught me a great work ethic and commitment.At the end of the road was, the magical woods. A place where I would learn to connect with nature and start my index of herbal smells in my brain. I went there everyday. And my Mom never worried. I had secret forts, places to play hide and go seek. It was a great place to be. My orgins and interest in herbs began here.

Next to the woods, was a field. We use to play war as some of these were giant holes someone dug into for some reason. There was also giant meadow. Full of flowers and herbs, with bees, crickets chirping animals. A place to put a long stick of grass in your mouth and lay back looking up at the sky. Anything was possible.  Little did I know some of the herbs growing in field would be used in both our  MInagin - Natural Pain  Relief  and Nojmuk - Cracked skin topical salves.

Both the woods and field are now some subdivision and what is rest of the woods is now Borden park. The mini sandy pond across Dequindre Rd. nearby that flooded whenever it rained and filled with water and newts is no longer there.

But I remember the flowers and other herbs looking like the below video in the meadow. I remember their scents, smells and sounds. As vivid as the colors.

You don’t see a natural meadow like this anymore (unless you make it on your own and protect it)

But I wanted to share with you natures natural beauty. And my memory of what once was when I was a child learning about the world.

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